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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Turning the first Sod

Every project starts somewhere and this is mine. I have been writing a fair amount over the last couple of years and have had a few ideas percolating through the old gray matter as regards to a quite ambitious project to focus all that work into an Ezine.

Why an Ezine? Why not? I've been publishing stuff in downloadable pdf and although it has been well received, I'm coming the impression that pdf is not a good "Grab" medium. Like it or not the Internet is a very fast paced medium and, just like they say about writing a best-seller - "ya gotta grab them in the first couple of lines otherwise you've lost them"

So if it's not going to be pdf, what's left? Html is an even more widely accepted platform, quicker to load ... but a pain to encode. So the spark of genius hits me and after I put out the fire I realised that what I needed was a series of linked Blogs. Not wanting to sound too much like a Blogger salesman but they're easy to post to, you've got a range of templates to choose from and customisation is not impossible for an amateur. Modular construction means I'll be building this Blog up a piece at a time, hopefully always leaving it in a legible state.

For those interested in the technicalities of how I am doing it read on and I'll try to keep it at the "Little Golden Book of Programming" level.


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