The LIEF Erikson

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Initial Design

First let me reasure you - I'm no IT whizz-kid! What I know about html and the Net has been picked up in dribs and drabs as I've been wanting to do more and more. I'm a middle-aged male with only High School education: if I can master it, virtually anyone can with perseverence.

- I'm already registered with Blogger and have a few Blogs already on-line so it was just a matter of going to the Dashboard and hitting create a new Blog. The creation is just so easy it isn't worth going over, except to point out that I chose TicTacBlue as my template. I'm a sucker for blues and I liked the elegent dot point style, the font and the graphics.

- Next to get some ideas. Where better than to study the best? Well, at least Blogs that have been recognised as of great value - just browse through the Bloggies.

- I like the idea of boxed side bars and a graphic header so they will be my next projects to upgrade the site.


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