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Friday, March 25, 2005

Uh, Maybe not.

Looks like I might have this era (from First Contact to a United Earth) to myself after all. Michael Hinman of SyFyPortal posted on TrekWeb that ...
Erik just messaged me and let me know that 160 years was an incorrect number (obviously), hehehehe!!So, don't let that fuel speculation that is might be a WWIII movie or anything like that. :)Sorry!
This was reposted on TrekUnited with the guess that he meant 60 years before Kirk, but Hinman updated his post on SyFyPortal to say ...
"We're going [roughly 80] years before Kirk ... Erik Jendresen contacted SyFy Portal after the story published to say that he misspoke when giving the 160-year figure in the above story. He said that was not an accurate number."

I don't think we can use this to be too specific about when the next movie will take place. For one thing Jendersen seems (perhaps purposefully?) vague about the date and for another what do we use as a base date? I mean 80 years before when? Before Kirk was born, in which case it would be 2153? Or 80 years before he gained command of the Enterprise in 2264 which would give us a date of 2184?

What happened between 2153 - 2184? This runs from ENT Season 2 and the Xindi arc, The Romulan war (2156 - 2160) and the loss of the USS Essex and Horizon.

The easy answer for the plotline would be the Romulan War but it could have a fertile ground in the foundation and early growth of the Untited Federation of Planets and early interstellar exploration before The Original Series.


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