The LIEF Erikson

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

The Two

The question arises, how to develop the story? Chronologically: start at the beginning, work your way through the middle until you get to the end? Nah! Too easy! I want this to be an anthology of a range of fictional formats from short stories to vignettes, building up to a more complex saga. As in real life, no one person sees the whole story, and different people can re-tell the same story in different ways, so I reserve the right to change plotlines, narrators or whatever else takes me fancy!

If you are lucky we might find some hitherto unknown tracts of the Asnograd cycle of stories!

As we all know, the LIEF Erikson was discovered in the last place anyone would have thought of looking for it by the USS Magellan. They are on patrol at the moment so I am still waiting for a complete report from them. However perhaps I could introduce you to one of the two of the main players in this little drama, a pair whose names are inextricably linked in the annals of Academia.

The sound you hear is that of a Tellarite far in the distance weeping with rage.


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