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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Contents 2006

The LIEF Erikson
The fanzine of the House of L'Stok
January,2006 - The Fan Productions issue

  • The Trek United 2005 Fan Film Campaign
    ..... ~(>!<)~ Kirok's view: Franchise Fatigue?
    ..... Andromeda; Constellation; The Continuing Voyage; Dark Armada; Excalibur; Impact 25; Intrepid; Lexington; Mystery Area
    ..... =(o_0)= Kirok's View: Copyright
    ..... The Legacy; Unity; Farragut; Highlander; Tales of the Seventh Fleet; Hathaway

  • Other Fan Film Groups
    ..... >(~!-)~ Kirok's View: Why watch a fan film anyway?
    ..... Final Odyssey; Hidden Frontier; Monument; Morning Star; New Voyages; Exeter; The Klingon Watch

  • Fan Audio Drama Groups
    ..... >(^V^)< Kirok's View: From Radio Play to Audio Drama
    ..... Pioneers; The Section 31 Files; Defiant

  • Fan VR Groups
    >(*v*)< Kirok's View: From Animation to Virtual Reality
    ..... Lego "Brick films" (The Kronos Files, Brick Trek); The Sims (Sim Trek 1, Sabotage); Flash (How You Live, Enterprise Flashed, Endeavour, Stone Trek); Machinima (Borg Wars!, Enterprise! Behind the Scenes); CGI Animation (Valiant, Enterprise Continuation Project)

  • Fan Game Mods
    ..... >(o{}o)< Kirok's View: Roll-Your-Own games
    ..... Half-Life 2 (EF: Total Conversion, Borg Wars); ST: Elite Force (Enterprise!, Enterprise IV - In a Mirror Darkly, Space Station K7, Starbase 11); Unreal Tournament 2004 (TrekUT); Freeware (Final War)

  • Fan Comics
    ..... ~(^_^)~ Kirok's View: From pulps to web comics
    ..... Elite Farce, Enterprise Oddities, Star Trek Animated Series Comics, USS Atlantis

  • Breaking News!
    ..... Enterprise Fan Film?; Fan films on Wikipedia; Star Trek Parodies; Fan films on Community TV; Trek United Fan Film Tribute Trailer

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