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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Carpe Diem

I am in agreement with Tiorn, who in a post to Trek United said " Why put it on hold? … There's no reason why we can't enter into a development phase ... Its just procrastination."

I would assume (and I have only a layman's knowledge of Film) that starting from scratch to having to sign contracts - never mind actually having people on a set, shooting scenes - would take a considerable amount of time.

Call for submissions from small production companies NOW. A winning pitch should take months to put together, if not I would question whether they had done a proper job of it. Even if it only takes two months, surely TU could have made a decision by then if and how they were going to go about it.

Worried you'd get saddled with a hot-shot production company that would fold, taking TU money with it? Insist on a completion bond. These are all things that a professional would know and be able to advise TU on. Tim has the right idea - bring in professionals. In fact get the opinion of a media expert on Trek United's options right from the start.

I built my own house - but only by learning what a builder does, thinking like a builder and acting like a builder. I contracted out the things I knew were critical - electrical, plumbing. Did I get a house equal to a professionally built one? I think so, it certainly has my individual stamp on it. But better? No.

If you were thinking of having surgery you wouldn't take the opinion of people on an internet forum would you?

Talk to the professionals, find out your options then make your decisions.

This was posted in substantially the same form on Trek United


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